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great pay & Benefits


A JOB with less stress...

Means a LIFE with less mess!

It's Simple:
We Pay Top Dollar
For Top Talent!

At Big Al's, we want to not only pay our people well -- we want to create a working environment that reduces some of the unpleasantness we find on the job.

We cultivate this by not making techs or managers push sales, which can be stressful to attain and does not serve the customer.

Along with this, we have more benefits and incentive programs.


We want all of our people, at the end of the day, to go home without the stress that is a typical part of the industry we are in.

Apply today to find out find out exactly why you'd be happier working at Big Al's!

I Know the Owner!

It's the best of both worlds. We're a locally owned company with a healthy corporate structure. If I see a problem, I can tell it to the top. Decisions are made here, not across the country.

I Enjoy My Time Off More!

I don't come home with the stress I used to have. There's no overselling to the customer & pushing numbers. I feel good at the end of the day and our 5 day work week is great.

I Know What's Ahead, and I Like It!

The company is changing big time: we're improving the look of the stores and expanding our services. I can be as much a part of that as I want. The opportunities are's up to me.

Image by Irene Strong

What do you earn per hour?

You may be surprised at how much MORE you can make at Big Al's!



 Are you happy in your workplace?
Want a more
promising career and a job with less stress? We’ve got jobs with a local firm with pay and benefits like the big companies!

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