Always The Straight-Up Price

At Big Al’s Mufflers & Brakes, there are no hidden charges like at the dealerships, national chains & tire stores. No “shop fees,” no “environmental fees,” no “just because we feel like it fees.” There are no hidden costs of any kind.

Call Ahead for a Quote

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” Although that’s not exactly what we mean by call ahead for a “quote,” it is most certainly true. Save big at Big Al’s Mufflers & Brakes! You’ll pay less than at the dealerships without voiding your factory warranty.

Slide "When I went to Firestone I was quoted $404 to do a front
headlight assembly and I went to Big Al’s and they quoted me $290."
- Michael R.
Slide "Instead of just telling me about it, they brought me into the shop
and showed me exactly what was going on with my car!"
- David K.
Slide "They went out of their way to help, including showing me the parts
that needed to be fixed & walking me through the process!"
- Megan B.
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